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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash Review (Sponsored)

Does your skin looks dull?
Do you want your skin to appear brighter?
Do you want to maximise the effectiveness of your skincare products?

If your answer to these 3 questions are Yes, YEs and YES, I have a good product to recommend you which is Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash. You may be wondering there are a lot of scrub wash in the market so why should I choose or how Meishoku Detclear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash is different from the others? 

Well,  Meishoku is a Japanese brand that has been around in the market for 128 years and still going strong by providing good quality skincare products through extensive R&D and it put safety as it's first priority as a corporate vision. Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash is a newly developed skin peeling jelly series which contains natural fruits derived AHA and plant derived BHA formula that is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It is additive-free and will gently peel away melanin-containing dead skin while dissolving black heads and impurities from the pores to reveal a fresh, smooth and radiant complexion. The resulting “new skin” allows the easy absorption of our daily skincare products and easy application of makeup products. This amazing peeling jelly is especially suitable for people who have dull-looking skin, blackheads, acne and black spots.

So what does natural fruits derived AHA and plant derived BHA do? 
Fruits AHA has an effect to remove old extra keratins, thereby making the skin more radiant and healthier looking, smooth and soft.  Plants BHA works on keratin to make them softer and is effective for those with pimple problems(aka suitable for me).

Here's me trying out Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash:

My hand before exfoliating with a pump of Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash

 After rubbing the jelly with my fingers, visible crumbs of dead skin are formed.

Skin is visibly brighter and looks cleaner

I got the Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Mixed Fruits Scrub Wash for review and I really love the peachy scent of it and it just feels like i am applying peach on my face. It leaves my skin smooth but at the same time it does not strip my skin's moisture. The best thing is that my skin is rather sensitive but it does not turn red after exfoliating so I really love this product. ❤ I have used other exfoliating products, one which is a highly raved Japanese brand and I think Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash is comparable to it but at close to half the price. 

Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly Fruits Scrub Wash is available in 3 variants: Mixed Fruits, Mixed Berries and Unscented. It is priced at $28.90/180ml and is available at all Guardians, Alt Beauty, John Little and Venus. So what are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

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Enjoy your weekends. ^^

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trickeye Museum

Recently, the famous Korean Trickeye Museum opened its first overseas outlet at  Resort World Sentosa. Singapore Trickeye Museum opened its door on 8th July 2014. I knew the opening of the Trickeye Museum through instagram whereby many bloggers were invited to explore the museum on the first day. Since i did not have a chance and money to go to Korea for the 'real deal' i decided to settle for the Singapore one with Z since it was having a whopping 50% off all entrance tickets till 22nd June 2014 to celebrate their opening. ^^

Saw bloggers saying that the queue was rather long in the afternoon and it is the humid + hot season now, I decided to go there when it opened to avoid the crowd. Walked into Sentosa via the broadwalk to save money ($1 for the broadwalk instead of $5 for the monorail) and it was my first time entering Sentosa via the broadwalk. Thought the journey will be hot but luckily almost the whole broadwalk is sheltered and it is situated near the sea so it was rather cooling! :)

TIP: It is actually best to enter Sentosa via the broadwalk when visiting Trickeye Museum as it is situated just beside the broadwalk and you will have to walk quite a bit when you take the monorail.

View while walking to Sentosa. Beautiful isn't it.

I spy with my little eye the roller coaster ride of USS

Not forgetting some Wefies while walking in. Hehehe

Reached there at around 10+ 11+ (It opens from 10am to 9pm daily) and there was already a queue at the ticketing counter as seen in the picture below)

As it was rather early, there was no queue formed yet and Z and I could get into the museum straight after getting the tickets. Note: There is no toilets inside the museum itself so do visit the toilets first before going in as one ticket can only admit you into the museum once. The museum was rather empty when we went in so we did not have to wait very long or in fact we do not have to wait most of the time to pose a photo with the painting and exhibits. There are a total of 6 sections in the museum, World of Masterpiece located just at the entrance, followed by Safari Kingdom, Star of Circus, Dreams of Fairy tale, Love in Winter and Adventure Discovery. I will be posting some of my favourite pictures here so there will be not too much spoiler for those who intend to visit the museum later.

My most favourite picture of all although the 'models' height were a little short for us.

Z 'dancing' with his partner which is not me. T.T

Thanks for wanting to give me the rose when you are so high up. :D

Trying hard to be a ballerina.

As usual, Z is bullying me even when we are taking a picture together. :(

Sitiing on the elephant's trunk like a boss

Trying to 'save' Z from the mouth of the ferocious fish 

 'Skydiving' with angmohs

Meditating in progress....

 Would you like to donate some money to us? *Gives puppy sad looking face*

Sitting on a moon

Sitting on a swan with Z

 I am a mermaid under the sea

 I am an angel riding a bicycle to spread happiness too

 With my handsome boyfriend whereby i knocked my head against his chin twice while trying to take a picture with him. :(

Seeking shelter with the female elf

Flying up in the air with my trusty broom because I can

Trapped in a snowglobe

Touching the dolphins which is one of my favourite animals in the world

 And finally,
Doing a handstand and supporting Z at the same time!

Left the museum around 12+ 1+ and i got a shock of my life because there was suddenly a lot of people at the entrance exhibits and also queues have formed outside the musuem.

Told Z how lucky we were to have avoided the queue and crowd in such a huge weather because I did my research before going and saw one of the bloggers suggesting that we should visit the museum in the morning to avoid the crowd. I think the reason of the long queues is partially due to the fact that it is the June holidays now plus it is a really new attraction added to the existing ones. Hence, try going during the weekdays where there is lesser people as compared to weekends. Do also note that they have a limit to the amount of people who can visit the museum everyday.

Hope this post helps in making your trip to Trickeye Museum a pleasant one since I heard so many people complaining that they made a wasted trip there only to know that they can't get in to the museum or having to queue for hours before they managed to get into the museum.