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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tirisula Yoga

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I am very honoured to be one of the 20+ bloggers that were attending Tirisula Yoga (80B Arab Street) Blogger's Exclusive course. The course was over 2 days (16th & 17th Oct)  and sadly i could only make it for one of the half days. :( Was still contemplating whether i should still proceed with it because it's kinda bad to only attend part of it but i am glad that i still went to attend! :D Although i missed the yoga part which i wanted to try, i still learnt something from it.

Here is a little background information about Tirisula Yoga (adapted from Tirisula Yoga website):

Founded by Senior Master Teacher Paalu Ramasamy, Tirisula Yoga has classes for Beginners, Children, Prenatal Yoga and also classes to train yoga practitioners to become professional Yoga teachers to guide, lead and inspire others. Workshops on diseases are also conducted. Dynamic posture adjustments => Tirisula Yoga Master Teachers preserve this style with utter tradition, originality and with dynamic posture adjustments to get students flexible and strong. These adjustments as taught by our great teachers are no longer taught by them anymore.With adjustments and intensity in training, the students’ improve much more during the course as compared to years of practice in 1 hour classes earlier.

What does Tirisula mean?
Tirisula means Trident in Sanskrit. The trident represent the 3 gunas (qualities) existing within us and nature. They are sattvic (pure), rajasic (activity oriented) and tamasic (dullness). Transform through Tirisula Yoga to transcend these 3 qualities. You are beyond what you think you are.

What style of Yoga?
Tirisula Yoga is based primarily on the AshtangaVinyasa style, originally as taught by Sri TKV Krishnamarcharya, Guruji BNS Iyengar and Yoga AcharyaV.Sheshardri of Mysore (Primary and Secondary Series) which originated nearly 1500 years ago. We incorporate the AshtangaVinyasa style (First series, second series, third series…) and aspects of Iyengar Yoga’s areas of precision and alignment in our asanas practice. It is ideal for today’s modern world as this style helps to develop a consistent self-practice. After learning, students need not rely on going to Yoga studios for classes. Best for physical and mental health AshtangaVinyasa Yoga style is provides a challenging workout that tones the body, keeps it supple and strong, deep cleanses the systems, and gives a high level of meditative experience.

Here are some pictures taken during the 2 days. Most image here are of courtesy of Tirisula Yoga Facebook.

Poster of the event ft my awkward picture hahha.

What's in the goodie bag! Just realised my goodie bag didn't consist of the Belif products and the food. :( Should have check it when Pamela asked me to check. :/

Lineup of the 2 days was yoga in the morning and then some talks by the sponsors in the afternoon. :)

Bloggers enjoying the yoga

Flexible Eugena looking really happy despite attempting the Camel/Ustrasana pose

See how flexible these girls are! They make it like it looks like it is so easy doing the Side Seated Angle/Parsva Upavistha Konasana pose

Teacher Wei Ling demonstrating the Bow/Dhanurasana pose

And the bloggers trying the pose out

Master Paalu

Classic Yoga pose: Headstand! So envious that they could do it!

Talk given by Belif Singapore on the importance of hydration

Belif products

Talk by Teacher Wei Ling about the 3 basic types of body types: Vata, Kapha and Pitta and what food should each body type consume and avoid.

Talk by Infuusa founder Wei on Infuusa cold brewed teas. I like how honest he is about saying how fresh fruit infused drinks are definitely better than Infuusa teas but then this does not means that Infuusa teas are not good as they are prepacked and are 100% natural and hence suitable for busy and lazy people like me. :P

Lemon Article B and Berry Article A which are slightly mildly sweet and refreshing which makes a good after-sport drink.

Talk by Rachel K representative

Rachel K's CC Renew cream and CC compact Pressed powder and unreleased makeup brush which are suitable even for sensitive skin, gonna try them out and do a review soon! ^^

Helping barefaced Kai Ting to makeover

Didn't managed to take the after photo but i swear the dark eye circles were less obvious and she looks more glowy after the makeover!

Will I recommend Tirisula Yoga?
Yes, definitely! The teachers and instructors there are so nice and friendly and they did not even show any black face despite me coming only for half a day. Though i did not join in for the Yoga session, all the rest of the bloggers had fun during the Yoga lessons, testing their flexibility and limits and the instructors were very helpful and fun! You definitely won't regret joining them for yoga classes!

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Good luck everyone and thank you for reading! :D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Sponsored} Intensive Moisture Serum

We all know how dreadful it is to apply moisturisers only to realise that they are too thick and/or they are not easy to spread so we have to spend quite a far bit of time patting and rubbing it into our skin if not we have to deal with the stickiness all day.

Myth: The thicker or the richer the moisturisers are, the better it is to hydrate the skin.
Truth: Thick or rich moisturisers can actually clog up the pores and may only offer surface hydration.

Personally, I am not really not a fan of body moisturisers and I don't really care about my body except for my face so I hardly apply any mositurisers to my skin. I really dislike the stickiness some moisturisers have, especially in Sunny Singapore whereby the weather is usually humid. Sweat already makes my body sticky so I do not need another moisturiser to add on to the stickiness. In addition, I hate going to bed feeling sticky all over.


If you share the same sentiments as me, Nivea has a product called Intensive Moisture Serum that is able to do the job without making your skin feels sticky and the best thing of all is that it contains SPF 25 PA++ so it can kinda act like a sunblock so there's not really a need to apply another layer of sunblock after applying this if you are staying indoor. And yeap, it is the FIRST body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of extra accumulated dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields it from the sun.

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum contains 100X Vitamin E & Grape Seed Oil which are known for their strong antioxidant properties. They are capable of defending skin cells from sun induced problems and free radical damages and also guards the skin loyally from the loss of moisture. It also contains Avocado Oil is one of the oils that can be easily absorbed by the skin and transported deep into the tissues, relieving dryness and itch, contributes to regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, and repairs dry and damaged skin in the process. Inspired by a nobel prized winning discovery, Hydra IQ works by increasing the number of water channels in the skin cells by 3 times. As such, water flows better and faster from cell to cell, even to the deeper layers of the skin. This restores skin’s own moisture supply and regulates the balance of moisture within it

Texture: Runny

I really like the texture of Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum as it is very very easy to spread and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin after applying which means that it is being absorbed almost instantaneously so there is almost zero waiting time! I am a very lazy person so any time saved is more time for me to laze around. :D However, it does not mean that it does not hydrate the skin as i feel my skin getting smoother after applying. Definitely be using the Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum to pamper my body instead of neglecting it. :)

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum is available at all major pharmacies and hypermarkets at only $8.90/200ml which is extremely affordable and does the job well so get yours today!

P/S: Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk is now improved and better with the addition of the ingredients mentioned above to provide long-lasting & intensive care for dry to very dry skin. It is available in 3 sizes – 75ml ($2.00), 250ml ($6.90) and 400ml ($9.90) which is extermely affordable too! :D