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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hit a rough patch and trying to get things together + exams are coming so i won't be updating for quite some time. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Before 2014 ends, I thought I will do a reflection of what I have realised and encounter for the past 1 year.



I am not the best girl with a lovable personality nor am I exactly polite. I am rather straightforward, gullible and hot tempered. I speak fast and sometimes in a harsh tone even if I don't mean it. Been chided for my tone and it's something that I hope to change for the better in the year 2015.


To be honest, I am not really a people person. I make friends easily but then I do not really know how to maintain one. I may seem as really easygoing and looks like I have a lot of friends and has a lot of meetups but to be honest, I am not someone who really takes the initiative to organise meetups or stay in contact as I fear that I may seem annoying to them, It is also partially because of an incident that happened a few years ago. However, I am glad that I have my annoying bunch who is able to accept me for what I am and I enjoy their company whereby I can be who I am. There is always laughter whenever I am with them.

This year, I also found out which are the friends who I can really keep and trust and are really close to me and who are the ones friends that I have drifted apart with. I have also found out who are the ones who just know how to say 表面话 but in the end disappear. It kind of shock me with the excuses they can give. However, it does not means that I will not be friends with them as many of them are not bad. I just know who are the friends that deserve to be on my priority list.


Giving tuition has always been the main source of my income and it has been 2 years since I last asked my parents for allowance. Yes, giving tuition pays well but it also take away much of my freedom as they are mostly in the afternoon or at night during the weekdays. Giving tuition is not as easy as it seems to be and it actually gives me an idea of how tough the teacher's job is. It is stress to keep up to the expectation of the parents but at the same time I need to maintain a certain rapport with my tutees. Many times I have to forgo the time whereby i can spend with my friends to teach tuition. It can be difficult to juggle between tuition and school, especially during the exam period as my exam period coincides with their and I cannot possibly leave them alone. I really admire and salute those people who are able to juggle between work and studies. Despite all the cons, I enjoy the responsibility I am given and I have a sense of satisfaction when I see an improvement in their grades. 


Although I am not a famous blogger, I am thankful for the chances samplestore gave me to work with some big brands. Although I did not get paid to do the advertorial but I happy to try out new products and giving my honest reviews about them. I also get to know some bloggers through the Tirisula Yoga event and they are all very nice and easygoing. Really really thankful for all the opportunities I am given. :)


No mushy words here but I am ever thankful to my boyfriend Z who has tolerated all of my nonsense, willfulness and staying by me through my ups and downs the past 3 going to 4 years. It has been a tough 1 year with many quarrels, one of which nearly break us apart. Going through the NS phase wasn't easy and I am glad we managed to stay together till you ORD and staying strong. We often take each other actions for granted and many of our sparks in the relationship have disappeared. Hence, in the upcoming 2015, let's add some new sparks in our relationship and I hope I will be able to change for the better. 

I hope 2015 will be a better year for me and for everyone else. :)